The engine room of Aussie Farmers Mutual (AFM)

Latevo was founded in 2013 by an innovative group of Australian farmers looking for farm income protection suited to Australian conditions.

Having worked closely with Willis RE Canada, international agricultural crop insurance experts, to develop a model suited to Australia in 2014 Latevo launched Australia’s first MPCI (Multi-Peril Crop Insurance). 

Over the next five seasons Latevo worked with underwriters, including Allianz and Lloyds, to offer Farm Income Protection policies to Australian broadacre farmers.

As the global insurance market contracted, MPCI in Australia was no longer a viable option, and in 2019 Latevo took the step to found Aussie Farmers Mutual, a not-for-profit discretionary mutual that offers Farm Income Protection to its owner members.

Latevo is the exclusive provider of management services and modelling to Aussie Farmers Mutual.

Farm Income Protection Model

Aussie Farmers Mutual offers a multi-level coverage, which adjusts to seasonal conditions.  Cover is based on Latevo’s model that has been designed for Australian farmers in mind.  Over the past six years we have refined the model to allow for tailoring to individual growers and variable growing conditions.