How to apply

Applying for a Latevo policy is now completed online with help from your broker or agent and involves a 3-step process.


Contact your local registered broker who will assist you through the Latevo application process.  From there it all starts with downloading the Latevo app, answering a few quick questions, entering your brokers’ code and completing a single or multiple Instant Quote(s) to access indicative coverage and price points for the upcoming cropping season.

An Instant Quote can be completed in under two minutes.

For category 1 coverage, this is all you need to do to apply.  It’s really that simple.


To be eligible for category 2 or 3 cover have your farming entity individually assessed.  The Latevo Income Assessment process is completed by Agri-Analytics for a ONE-OFF fee of $5,000 plus GST.  The one-off fee is eligible for a $2,500 rebate through the Federal Government’s Managing Farm Risk Programme.  Your broker can help facilitate this process.


An initial confirmed and verified quotation will be offered and as the season progresses, upgrades to category 2 and 3 are available pending adequate seasonal conditions.  For example, average rainfall and an adequate farm management rating.

Please note you will be not eligible for any upgrades without a completed and accurate income risk assessment.