NSW Government gives multi-peril crop insurance support thumbs down

The NSW Government will not be subsidising multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) premiums, despite the fact an independent review has found...
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Debate on multi-peril crop insurance pricing

THE MANAGER of multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) business Latevo says suggestions MPCI in Australia is too expensive are ill-founded. Read...
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Latevo out of multi peril crop insurance equation this year

AUSTRALIAN growers will have less choice in the multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) space this year, with pioneering MPCI business Latevo...
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Latevo lines up overseas insurer for 2018 crop season

Latevo is finalising a deal with an overseas insurer to underwrite its multi-peril crop insurance for next year’s growing season,...
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Safety net or springboard?

Crop insurance is often seen as an expensive safety net, but what if it was really a springboard for growers...
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Insurance for harvests that come a cropper

Farmers looking to better financially protect themselves and their families through tough times are encouraged to apply for a rebate...
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Fledgling multi-peril crop insurance industry looks forward to government subsidies on premiums

Federal Government considering subsidies for Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI). Read more... Publication: ABC News Date: 10 January 2017 By...
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Risk of a destroyed crops should be spread says agribusiness consultant

Despite the huge risk of growing a crop each year, only a fraction of farmers take out appropriate insurance. Read...
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Farmers Scale Up Silos For Service

Crop farmer Andrew Hawthorne has taken to scaling a grain silo at the end of the day, where he picks...
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Crop insurance: No stamp duty relief for canola and lentils

VICTORIAN growers insuring high-value crops such as canola and lentils for hail damage receive no stamp duty relief, while wheat...
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