How do I upgrade from Category 1 to Category 2 and 3?

In order to be upgraded from Category 1, you must have completed a Latevo Income Assessment through Agri-Analytics, and we complete an assessment of on-farm seasonal conditions relative to historic average.

To assist with monitoring seasonal conditions, growers who choose to use Latevo Crop Monitor as a service will be provided with a weather station and satellite maps which assist in a more accurate assessment of their individual farm’s seasonal conditions.

In general, if a grower has completed their Latevo Income Assessment and the season is tracking within 20mm of their average Adjusted Growing Season rainfall, they will be offered an upgrade to Category 2.

For individual situations when automatic upgrade conditions haven’t been met, a further assessment is made which includes and on-farm assessment.

Further upgrades to Category 3 are considered when the on-farm average rainfall is between 50mm and 100mm above the average Adjusted Growing Season rainfall. There also needs to be evidence of sound grain marketing strategies.